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Market your product at an event-Experiential event marketing is the real deal

A business event is probably the one place where you can have people sit down for 35 minutes and listen to you rant about your product while staring at your logo in the background. Call that bad marketing...

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Engagement Marketing: The secret sauce

Event marketing is a subset of a engagement, live or experiential marketing.

Call it whatever you like, experiential marketing is essentially marketing a product by either engaging or showing it to customers, first hand.

One of the best ways to do this is by marketing the product at an event. And there we have our brainchild: event marketing.

Event marketing is all about the experience

Event marketing is about designing or creating an occasion, that resembles the experience of using a product or service as closely as possible.

By creating a remarkable experience people are more likely to have an unwavering impression that the product, or company, can deliver as promised.

It is perhaps one of the most sophisticated outbound marketing techniques one can find.

80% of marketers believe event marketing is critical to their company's marketing success.

Event Marketing 2018: Benchmarks and Trends report [Bizzabo.com]

Brand awareness is priceless

End users' attention spans is getting shorter, and an event is one of few places where you can have audiences' attentions for a substantial amount of time.

Brand awareness is priceless, and event marketing is a great way to get more of it.

Demonstrate a proof of concept

In a world of hoax product and fakes, end users are more skeptical than ever, about what they buy.

A good place to show them that your product actually 'works', is at events. Product demos and samples are time-proven techniques.

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Examples, you may ask?

Look up one of Steve Jobs' product launches from back in the day. Experiential marketing doesn't get any better than that.

Today of course, we have technologies like VR & Holograms that takes a traditional marketing pitch to a whole another dimension. Literally, even.

The 'how to'

Stripping away all the fancy terms, event marketing is as simple as having your product placed and demonstrated at a business meetup catering to your target audience.

The best way of going about the process is to get in touch with a local outdoor advertising or event management company, and lay your expectations out to them.

When in Dubai look no further. Get in touch with Stride Plus Events.

Events make up 24% of the average B2B company's marketing budget.

- Forrester

Understanding the types of events

Understanding the various types of events will let us know the prerequisites and will enable us to define what will lead to a specified goal.

#1 Conferences & Summits

Great for consumer product demos and OOH advertisement placements.

Either B2B or B2C, usually having an agenda lined with speakers, workshops and networking sessions. An effective conference is one with a balance of professionalism and casually energetic vibes.

Tend to last for a couple of days.

#2 Seminars & One-Day Summits

Great for pitching services and introducing complex industrial products/ techniques/ processes that end users cannot comprehend as of yet.

Greatly focused on educating the attendees: smaller groups that carry out in-depth conversations and share useful knowledge.

Tend to be a lot shorter (a few hours) and focused on a very specific topic.

#3 Expos

Great for overall brand awareness and can be catered towards various goals.

Tend to be focused on a broad industry/ market and primarily cater to a B2B crowd.

Usually consist of several brands participating together, thus making it a great opportunity for businesses to establish domain expertise and gauge competition.

Tend to last for a couple of days.

#3 Round-table Conferences

Great for pitching products & services, specific to a certain market/ industry/ topic.

Very similar to seminars but focused more on attaining an educational goal. Allows each attendee to give a contribution of thought among the others a more intimate kind of setting, consist of higher boards level.

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Event marketing is about outcomes-based planning

The success of any company lies in how they execute plans; more so, when it comes to marketing.

Picking the types of events, and the techniques you intend to use for marketing yoru product/ service and employing the right resources for doing so is crucial.

Event marketing vs Digital Marketing

Most companies have successfully adopted digital channels as viable advertising streams, over traditional streams (print, tv. etc.)

What they miss out is the fact that events are just as good as, if not better than digital channels, when it comes to customer engagement.

In fact, the lack of a 'human touch' on most digital channels is generously compensated for by a ton of first hand interactions at events.

58% of event marketing partakers did purchase the marketed product after the event. Also, 86% of the purchasers became regular customers.

Marketers prove that a well-off event marketing campaign allows attendees an opportunity to create better connections compared to the digital world.

Make their interaction memorable

Offer attendees a discount, free samples or exciting vouchers that make the customers sense a benefit from attending the event rather making it a boring commercial event.


3 Event Marketing Trends in 2018 You Cannot Ignore

Technology creates opportunities for people to make connections.

How are the event attendees being affected by the latest technology? Binding technologies available today, with these trendsetters will allow organizers to create staggering attendee experiences.

#1 The main focus should be the attendee experience

Experiential marketing is custom-made for the new digital age.

Fancy meals and a hype vibe might give out, but giving an appealing experience with exciting ideas can give an impact on the audience which is most important as they are the main sources that will give a good word out.

For example, in the 90's event hosts would give attendees welcome bags to make them feel appreciated. A digital alternative could be giving out e-vouchers, welcome messages, social media geo-filters, etc.

A successful event isn’t so much about the person at the center of the party, but about the attendee.

- Daphne Bousquet, BousquetCMP

#2 Artificial intelligence will make waves in event management

This is the new platform to bring the audience together which permits the exhibitors to create a more interactive and fun-going event.

Surveys were done and found that 65% of event professionals planned to increase their investment in such technologies in the coming years.

#3 Social media is as real as it gets

Instagram stories, live Facebook videos and Snapchat geo-filters are how the new audience connects with brands.

It only makes sense for businesses to recognize this, and invest accordingly.

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