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How to kill the boredom in corporate events and seminars

Don’t you notice that time stands still during corporate events and seminars?

You watch the speaker’s mouth move in infinite minutes. You wait for the clock to tick but it has been idle for like an eternity. You’re perspiring and you feel uneasy on your chair where you have been sitting for decades. Your eyes are getting heavy and your mouth is dry.

The only way to escape this boredom is to imagine yourself somewhere in Bahamas sipping some cocktail on a boat cruise.

kill the boredom in corporate events and seminars

You can’t let your audience space out. Your goal as an event planner, is to get their faces lit up the moment they enter the door and preserve that kind if elation until they go home.

How do you that? Here are 7 surefire ways to kill the boredom during a corporate event:

#1 Event Venue that rocks

dubai rove health care city is one of the best meeting and corporate venues in Dubai

Be very cautious in choosing a corporate event venue because it sets up the mood and the impression of your attendees – which can make or break your event.

Remember that most corporate events like seminars, conferences, trainings, and meetings already have a negative impression to employees.

If boredom has already taken over the moment they set foot on your venue, it will be very difficult for you to yank them out of the their grumpy and sulking mood.

So better kick-start your event with a strong venue!

Draw your audience like moths to flame. Make your venue playful, dynamic and unique. If you’re using the company’s own conference room, think of learning colors like yellow for creativity and optimism, red for attentiveness and green for tranquility.

Be creative and design the venue the way you would design your own room. It needs to be a place where you want to be at the moment. Make them feel like this is the best place to be.

If you want to learn more about event design, follow this link to read our previous blog about the 5 key elements of design you need to keep in mind in setting up your venue right here.

Photo credit: Vulcan Post (Doof Industries is a Malaysia start up that introduces the use of bean bags in offices.)

You can also delight your attendees with beanbags instead of a regular classroom set up where they have to sit for hours like highschool kids.

If your client or your CEO is generous enough to provide sufficient funds, you can try renting a backyard office, an indoor gallery, a rooftop garden or a coffee shop to conduct your event.

There are many available unique spaces nowadays in the market that are being rented to hold company events.

Check out Share This Space to get a hold of some interesting event venues in Dubai.

#2 A fresh face on stage

Everyone’s already expecting the Chairman to be on stage. He will surely give an inspirational and gratitude speech at the beginning of the program.

There will be presentations on the company statistics, recent developments and upcoming collaborations. Employees will of course be reminded of the vision and mission statement of the company.

What else is new? Perhaps all these has already been announced via email or written in the employee handbook.

What you can do to surprise you attendees is to have someone else speak on stage. Invite the top person to give out a meaningful speech on his experiences on the company and how he has evolved as an employee.

You can even be bold and ask permission to the management if they can invite an employee from the bottom level to speak up about the topic.

We all have our own opinion and insights on certain topics and you can easily astound your audience by inviting an unexpected guest speaker on the event.

If your company is nationwide or global, you can send someone outside Dubai or UAE to speak on behalf of the company’s branch in Europe or in Asia. It’s always refreshing to have a new face on the podium.

3# Surprise entertainment

live band is always the best way to entertain your audience

An intermission number never gets old. You will never go wrong with a live band or a regular employee with the voice of Beyoncé.

It’s always a hit no matter how the performers sound on stage. It still serves the purpose of breaking the monotony.

It wouldn’t hurt of course to hire a good band or ask a talented employee to showcase his or her talent.

#4 Striking presentations

Incorporate some funny visuals to amuse your audience.

Play some heartwarming and empowering videos.

Make them burst into tears or laughter. Either or, they will surely enjoy the experience.

If you’re hosting the event, since some events planner do so; try using some visual mediums like tables, chairs or backdrops. Be creative. Don't just stand in the podium and give out the lecture. Use some sound effects or props if possible.

Tell a story.

Stories sell well when delivered the right way. You can use some interesting slides to your storytelling. Make a good use of your childhood photos. This can be a great source of entertainment.

Just make sure that your stories and your puns are well crafted and are still aligned with the company branding, goals and vision.

#5 Share the spotlight

Be generous in sharing your space on stage.

Invite them over for some live demo or role-play. Immerse them with the topics by asking questions.

Let them share their own experiences and have everyone in the crowd listen.

#6 Move & Mingle

activities conducted in a coaching seminar; a business event conducted by Stride Plus

An Activity conducted during the coaching seminar of Priscilla Khambatta. You can check her upcoming seminar along with Stride Plus Event's upcoming Dubai Start Up & SMB Summit right here.)

Create fun activities for your audience.

Something that will allow them to roam around and mingle with each other. They will sure like the idea of stretching some muscles after sitting for hours.

Study shows that body movement unlocks creativity and boosts our way of thinking.

Our mood also changes during conversations. Having someone listen to you gives you a sense of belongingness and camaraderie.

#7 Rewards, recognition & freebies


Reward your audience every after activity.

It will encourage them more to participate in your games if they know there’s an incentive. They will be more competitive and will be more willing to engage with other attendees.


Give your audience some recognition, most specially if they are employees who have been working for the company for years.

Have a small ceremony to award your best employees based on performance, attendance and loyalty. You can also incorporate some fun awards to tease them of who’s the funniest in the workplace, who’s the most popular, the best dress employee and so on.

It will bring some laughter from the audience.


They often say start your event with the bang, I say end it with a bang too!

Don’t lose your momentum by letting go of your audience just like that. Keep them stunned with amazing freebies that they can take home to remember your event.

Don’t just give freebies for the sake of it. Find the ones that can give a long lasting impact on them. Something that will remind them of the event and the same time of the company brand and vision.

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