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40 Questions for your Post-Event Analysis

In order to review the success of your recent event, a post event analysis is necessary. This is the secret ingredient for the success of your next event.

You have now the advantage of knowing what worked well and what did not, and you can now use these to your advantage.

Unlike your first event, everything may seem like an experiment. It feels like groping in the dark hoping that everything worked well without a first-hand basis. But with your next one, it will be much easy.

With all the right data in hand, you can now outperform your previous event.

post-event analysis is essential for the success of your next event

So what’s the first thing to do to examine the success of your recent event?

First, define the components :

  1. Registration

  2. Budget

  3. Funds

  4. Marketing

  5. Attendee Satisfaction

  6. Social media engagement

  7. Sponsors

  8. Venue

Second, just draft simple and straightforward questions based on these components.

Here are 40 questions you should be asking to kick-start your post event analysis.

  1. Did you reach the target number of attendees? Why/How or why not?

  2. What could you have done better to increase your attendance rate?

  3. What are the factors that affected your attendance rate?

  4. What was your no show rate?

  5. What are the factors that contributed your no-show rate?

  6. Did your registration and check in worked well?

  7. Did your event management software(s) worked well?

  8. Which part of the registration process did your attendees find difficult?

  9. Were you able to reach your target ROI?

Target ROI in events

10. Did you go over-budget? Why?

11. Were you able to save some cost? How?

12. Were your tickets priced accordingly?

13. Were there any unexpected expenses?

14. What could you have done differently to cut cost without sacrificing quality?

15. What could you have done differently to get the target revenue or exceed the

expected ROI?

16. Which marketing channels performed well?

17. Which marketing channels performed poorly?

18. Which marketing channel gave you the best volume?

19. What did your attendees say about your social media campaigns?

social media in events

20. Did the participants like the venue and catering?

21. Did the participants enjoy the activities?

22. Were the participants satisfied with the speaker?

23. Did the participants find the topics relevant, informative and interesting?

24. Were the participants happy with the networking opportunities provided in the


25. Did the participants feel that the event worth its price?

26. Would the participants recommend the event to their friends? Why?

27. Would the participants join the upcoming events of the client or the company?

28. What can the event company do or offer more that the participants can suggest?

29. How much volume did you get from social shares, comments and follows?

30. How engaged your audiences are during the marketing campaign?

event venue and catering matters to attendees

31. Were your sponsors happy with the entire outcome of the event?

32. Did your sponsors reach the number of target leads they expected

33. Did your sponsors feel that they have established their brand well during the


34. Did the sponsors find relevant leads and networking opportunity during the event?

35. Do the sponsors see themselves sponsoring your next event? Why or why not?

36. What could you have done better to attract more sponsors?

37. Did you have enough staff to cover the event?

38. Were you happy with your team, vendors and suppliers?

39. What are they key strengths of your team?

40. Which areas do you think you should improve on as an event planner?

event team work is important for the success of an event

I hope these 45 questions help you as an event prof to evaluate your first event and get better on your next one!

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