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5 Spectacular ways to boost your event to stardom

Event marketers are now geared towards upgrading their marketing ideas to get one step ahead of the game.

The industry has become more innovative and open to possibilities. Most event companies nowadays are willing to try new things and see if things will pick up.

You shouldn’t go that far to find creative ways to enhance your event experience. Just go with the basics and pay attention to the things that you can enhance.

how to boost your event to stardom

Here are 5 Spectacular ways to boost your event popularity without going overboard:

#1 Interesting Venue

Don’t underestimate the power of an interesting venue. This may be one of the things you’re missing out. Remember that venues dictate the overall atmosphere of the event. It should radiate positivity and have a dynamic vibe to encourage attendee engagement.

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From restaurant bars to food trucks, galleries and boutique to warehouses, you will never ran out of amazing ideas to fuse it with. Each event venue is unique and inspiring.

#2 Awesome Swag & Giveaways

We all love free stuff. If you have to come up with an interesting swag, find something that could leave a lasting impression on your brand so that attendees don’t forget you.

It's best to not use food as freebies, unless of course you're on a food event.

If it’s a food event, invest on attractive and unique packaging.

If you can’t afford a sample product, might as well distribute an item that looks fancy or intriguing: Something that when other people who did not attend the event would be interested in.

“That is so cute! Where did you get that?”

#3 Experiential Activities

We all know that experiential marketing works big time. We can incorporate additional activities in our event. Other than having our attendees experience the product themselves. We can also engage them in interacting with other attendees.

Sharing experiences can be a phenomenal way of generating new leads.

Event inside an event as they often say.

Being put on a test (especially with other participants), adding a bit of pressure and some thrill can bring a memorable experience to attendees.

Add more fun to your event and you will always be remembered!

#4 Live Band

We all love music and dancing.

We may not sing or dance well, but it can bring us to such great heights.

Try to infuse entertainment in your events to shake some nerves and bring out some positive energy through the event.

A spectacular event is always incorporated with good music and good food.

#5 After Party

An after party is something your attendees can look forward to after the event. Since they can be so consumed listening to the speakers and testing all the products, they wouldn't have enough time to interact with everyone.

The after party gives them time to do so.

Generally, the after party is where real networking comes in.

People tend to be more relaxed and goofy. Casual conversations can generate more leads because it is more genuine and less strategic.

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