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5 ways to increase audience engagement at your business event

Audience engagement is a surefire way to know that your business event is a hit.

The more consumed the audience is in the program, the more likely they will be interested in joining your next event.

If they come home with a memorable experience, they will spread good reviews which means solid clients and strong leads.

If the audience enjoyed the whole engagement, the brand will surely be as contagious as the experience.

audience engagement in event marketing

So how do we increase audience engagement during a business event?

# 1 Content Teaser

Content is King may be an old-school catchphrase but it never gets old when it comes to a event marketing.

It still is the most intelligent tools to grab your audience’s attention.

In an ongoing event, make sure that your communication with your attendees doesn’t lose its momentum.

Tease them by sending out speaker’s quotes, live videos and tweets as they roam around the venue to explore the products and services or as they watch demos.

They will surely be delighted to see the content real-time while the event is happening.

You can also take videos or snapshots of the first day registration and have them watch it in the middle of the program.

The attendees will be surprise to see themselves on full screen and will give them a sense of belongingness.

engage your audience in social media during event

#2 Intermission & Amusement

Sometimes no matter how informative a keynote is, it can really get boring. It’s inevitable considering that our generation has a short attention span.

Make sure to inject some fun activities in the middle of discussions. Try to cut the long hours of talks and divide it into fun-filled intervals.

During the intermission, you can show some amazing visuals or hire a professional to perform on stage; (a live band, a celebrity or a well-know personality who can give his or her own personal reviews, opinion or experience about the product or services being launched).

live band in event marketing

#3 Share the spotlight

People get bored easily just by watching or listening to someone on stage. Unless the speaker is really funny or charming, falling asleep during a conference can be inevitable.

It’s like having a one-way conversation.

Although most conferences offer Q&A, you can spice up the segment by using a Catchbox.

What’s a Catchbox? A catchbox is a huge soft cube microphone that you can throw into your audience.

The participant who catches the microphone is given a chance to ask questions. You can also have it passed around for simple Q&A.

Another way to share the spotlight is to invite someone from the crowd to join the speaker to give his or her insights or simply raise his or her questions.

use a catchbox to engage audience

#4 Unique seat design

The conventional seating layout is still of course the easiest way to do it. But having a different seat design can be an interesting way to kick-start the event.

It gives the attendees a sense of space that they don’t normally have using conventional seat plan.

They can easily see new faces first-hand and is not obliged to just focus on the speaker.

A banquet style seat plan is the most unique layout you can use for a change.

#5 Captivating Speakers

If your speakers are captivating enough to engage your audience during an event, you don’t have to worry about the rest of your ensemble.

Based on experience, regardless of seat plan, whether or not there are amusing intermissions or live social media interaction, you’re on a win-win situation if you hire speakers that can draw the crowd’s attention just by his or her mere presence.

Putting a clever person on stage topped with a good sense of humor and charming personality will surely get your audience glued on their seats.

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