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6 Reasons why you should hire a corporate event planner

There are people who are gifted in organizing an event. But even those very few that I know of, had major setbacks in planning and had wished they hired an expert to help them out.

Corporate event is not your regular birthday or wedding event, where attendees will most likely be more patient and understanding of your mishaps, considering they’re your close relatives and friends who came willingly to celebrate the event with you.

Corporate events are different. There’s a whole lot of pressure on timing, budget and execution. Your attendees have expectations that you need to meet.

You need an expert to organize your corporate event

Your guests in corporate events are business owners whose time is worth the entire event (and more). You can’t waste their presence by making mediocre efforts or by missing out on a certain detail.

You need to make everything worth it because corporate people don’t have the capacity to tolerate delays and mistakes.

They aim for perfection because corporate events are not celebratory events but an investment. You will feel devastated if you don’t deliver the kind of event their expecting.

So if you don’t want to go through this misery, you might as well hire an expert to get things done.

If you think hiring an expert is costly, think again. Most of the time we spend more by doing things by ourselves instead of hiring a professional who knows better than we do.

Here are 6 top reasons why you should hire a corporate event planner:

#1 Save time

you will save time and energy by hiring an event planner

First of, you’re not an expert on this, so you basically have no clue on where and how to start. Venue? Catering? Date? Guests? Marketing?

The entire idea of organizing a corporate event and the innumerable details alone will eat your alive.

It will consume your time just looking for the best suppliers. You will have to call each of them and ask for quotation and when you finally find a decent one you can afford, you will realize you either don’t like their pasta or they have a very bad looking backdrop in the venue.

You will be surprise on how much a live band can cost and you don’t even have a single clue where to find the best entertainers in town.

And say you find a good supplier; you will end up skeptic on their fee because you barely know the market price of each service.

You will try to haggle but they will refuse to give you a discount because anyway, who the hell, are you to bargain?

Hiring an event planner will save you so much time and energy because they can easily find the right people to work with you. A good event prof has list of suppliers to choose from based on your budget, theme and other requirements.

#2 Save money

you will save enough money if you hire an event planner

It’s true that hiring an event professional is still part of your expenses.

But your event planner can cut the cost for you through her wide array of connections.

She can easily negotiate the price with vendors and suppliers she already established a good business relationship with them.

She also has other resources from her attic that you can use like sound system, props, backdrops, beanbags and what other materials you need for your event.

#3 Book the best venue

There are certain things in life that you just have no access with, like extremely expensive venues or rare-find spaces that you don’t even know existing.

Your event planner has a magical key to these portals and she can easily get you an easy pass to get in without having to crawl your way to the tunnel.

She will give you amazing venue options to choose from and you can book it at the earliest with discounts, if not freebies.

#4 Book the best suppliers

event planners always have the best suppliers in their database

event planners will give you the best suppliers for your event

Not only does an event planner possess a key to magical venues but she also has a key to magical shops that sell the best items that you would need for your event.

She also brings an event planner bible that has all the contact details of the best keynote speakers around the globe.

You will never have to wonder if you made the right choice because she basically have had experience working with almost all suppliers in town.

#5 Get the most out of marketing services

most event planners offer marketing services

Most event management companies offer marketing services to their clients. Stride Plus Events offer this kind of service.

You can get in touch with our crew today via email: hello@strideplus.com and we will respond to your event query instantly!

Event planners can easily help you market your event through different platforms without a sweat. You can simply watch the growing number of attendees online and expect your event to gain traction in a minute.

#6 Be able to eat, breathe and think

Most of the people I know who organized events by themselves, have missed the fact that they will never have enough time to eat, breathe and think during an event.

If you don’t take your breakfast before the event, you will never have enough time to feed your enraged tummy during the event.

So forget the smoked salmon and the lobster rolls.

Even during intervals you will be so anxious preparing the next speaker or prepping up the band on their next performance or checking the sound system or making sure the videos were taken on point on the first half of the event.

You will have gazillion things in your mind and food will be the last thing on your list.

If you have an event planner on the day of the event, you will never have to starve on your own event ever!

You will be relaxed and stress-free because you know that someone got your back.

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