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Are you ready for face recognition check in at your next event? Here's what you need to know:

I’ve only seen real-time face recognition through James Bond movies. Never have I imagined it will be the future of event marketing registration. Who would’ve thought events will be this cool?

This amazing technology allows attendees to check in using their face without having to present ID’s or event tickets. All they need to do is walk in to the kiosk, wait for the machine to scan and recognize their face until it automatically prints their personalize badges for their entry.

facial recognition in events

Zenus and FindFacePro are two of the leading providers of facial recognition system.

The first pilot of Zenus was conducted back in 2017. Since the response has been very positive and attendees were found to be very delighted and pleased with the experience, big companies started to implement this registration system in their own events.

Facial recognition check in has simplified the registration process. It minimized the time spent lining up for entry and maximized the time for event crews to focus on other aspects of the event.

Not only facial recognition helps in registration and check in, it also has flexible features such as adding contacts automatically without having to worry if you ran out of business cards. Just by taking photos, both attendees can share their information to each other.

High-end security has also been one of the benefits of facial recognition check in. Unwanted guests will be automatically flagged down by the system to ensure safety of the attendees.

Facial recognition has not completely dominated the market. Perhaps because implementing a cutting-edge registration solution requires a specific budget that is double the price of the regular registration and check in software. But we all know we're getting there.

Soon enough all event organizers are expected to bring this new technology into play and we all have to be ready for the transition.

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