Beginners guide to event registration and check in

The big day has finally come and there are gazillion of things to do in your checklist to ensure a smooth execution.

Don’t spoil all the momentum and excitement by missing out one of the most crucial detail of your event.

The last thing you need is to get overwhelmed with all the attendees rushing in to the entrance door, flooding the gates, protesting on why they have to line up for hours to get a seat.

Prepare for an action plan and equip yourself with the most powerful tech tools to help you get things done fast and easy.

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Here are 4 basic tips to ensure a well-organize registration and check in:

#1 Event email guide

Prior to the event, send out an email registration and check in guide to all attendees so they can have an idea early on about how the event will go.

Outline an instruction on where to go and what to do first. The steps must be clear and concise. Create an infographic if possible so they can have a pretty decent picture in their mind on what they can expect once they arrive.

Provide a map so attendees can easily locate the registration and check in counter, washrooms, food stalls (if there are any), fire exits etc.

Provide them with a list they need to prepare in the registration counter so by the time they reach the booths, they will be ready with the necessary stubs, id’s, code etc.

#2 Check-in Software

Everything is now made faster with technology. Make sure to secure a check in software with all the attendee details. This will help record all the data and track the attendance faster.

A registration software features QR code scanning, self-check in kiosks, and badge printing.

Just make sure to test-drive your software and devices a day before the event to ensure you won’t encounter any technical issues on the day of the event.

#3 Check in map and signage

Maps and signage are essential to an event. This will pretty much lessen the attendee’s dependency on your staff who are also busy doing a million things on the day of the event.

Attendees can easily find the nearest restrooms and exits if they have a map in hand or if there are available signages everywhere they go.

#4 Check in Staff

No matter how efficient and seamless the technology is when it comes to execution, a real person who does the same job still somehow stands out because of human connection.

A check in staff must be ready to answer questions regarding registration. They must also be familiar with the event map and significant details regarding the event. Most importantly they must be approachable, polite and with excellent communication skills.

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They must be welcoming, approachable and can converse easily with any one.

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