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Boost attendee sign ups with a well-designed event website

Looks matter. Dress to impress. First impression lasts.

Whichever way you want to put it, the way you present your website will largely impact your audience’s perception on your event.

Since it’s the frontline of your business, it should always look clever, sharp, appealing and easy on the eyes.

Design comes first. Content is secondary. This is why packaging is crucial to any product because it’s the first communication tool you can use to connect with your customers. No different from events, an awful looking website can hurt your attendee sign up big time.

So make sure to design your event well. It’s the shortcut to your potential attendees’ decision making. It’s not fair to turn down an important invitation just because it looked confusing or just because it’s visually painful.

Try to make your website easy to navigate. Make it either fun and playful or elegant and poised. Whichever vibe you would like to incorporate in your site, it needs to be inviting.

Here are 5 well-designed website samples to inspire you on your next event:

#1 Image Festival

Image’s Festival event site is just so hard to resist with interesting icons, logos, images and fonts. It instantly grabs your attention like a kid lost in a candy bar.

The flirtatious colors blend so well with all the elements and you can easily navigate the website with a breeze.

#2 Sisense’s Eureka

Sisense’s event site is clear, concise and neat. Every element is well coordinated.

The use of footages from past conferences is a clever way to showcase the values of the company.

#3 Google IO

Google IO’s event website is of course stunning with its digital design.

A countdown clock is orchestrated at the bottom of the website giving a sense of urgency as if every thinking minute matters.

If you’re a target audience to this event, there’s no way you could be thinking twice.

#4 Big Grill Festival

Nothing can be more enticing than an event that features the best chefs in town!

Big Grill Festival’s red-hot chilli looking website is just flavourful.

Topped with amusing graphics and funky background, the website totally nailed it.

# 5 Telegraph Events

A great video featuring what the event is about is just one way to capture the audience’s attention without having to do so much.

Telegraph Events has all the necessary elements played well.

Though the website is filled with information from what they do as an event company to what the event really is about, the message to each category is straightforward.

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