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Weekly Business Growth Reading List (July 13, 2020):

Welcome to our 2nd edition of the Weekly Business Growth Reading List.

This Is a resource published every Monday aimed at sharing articles, videos, news and updates in the world of business growth.

Various different aspects of business growth such as marketing, advertising, product development, design, HR, legal, and finance shall be explored as key tools to grow businesses. Latest trends and best practices in these areas shall be addressed via the chosen resources for each week.

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The focus for this week shall be on business growth from a management and corporate governance perspective.

Here are our top picks for this week:

(1) Importance Of Corporate Governance And Its Basic Principles: What is Corporate Governance?

By Lawyer P.K. Abduraheem from Gulfvakil.com

To run a successful enterprise you must have a high level of organizational efficiency. Corporate structures should be well defined, processes efficient and corporate policy strong and well enforced.

It is a collection of internal documents and policies via which the corporation "governs" itself.

Corporate governance is the broad term used to collectively describe these efforts for your business.

Laywer Abduraheem does a great job of highlighting such points in his article on Gulfvakil.

(2) Think And Grow Big: 13 Small Business Experts Share Strategies For Maximum Growth

By Gerri Detweiler from Forbes

A great resource where 13 consultants from America's Small Business Development Center (SBDC) share very relevant and unique pieces of advice for you to grow your business.

From pacing your growth to building the right connections and thinking like a franchisor, here is some great advice from Gerri Detweller that you must go through.

(3) Corporate Governance, Business Growth and the Role of Independent Directors in Family Businesses

By Nabankur Gupta from ISB Insights

Corporate governance and other crucial organizational structuring often takes a backseat in small family businesses as it is considered unimportant and other more pressing operational tasks take up the owner-manager's time.

In this article renowned consultant, Nabankur Gupta delves into great detail about the importance of good corporate structure for scalable growth in family businesses.

Shaumik Saha's business growth tips for this week

Some musings from our Director, Shaumik Saha, this week:

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