• Shaumik Saha

5 biggest business networking trends 2018

Technology is disrupting industries left, right and center. Communication is no different. More so, business communication.

As more and more interactions move into the virtual world, business networking as we know it, is fundamentally changing.

people at a meeting

Here are the 5 biggest trendsetters for 2018:

1. Realization of the importance of face-to-face conversations

After building up thousands of “connections” and “followers” online, most professionals reach the “what now?” moment.

Expecting online connections to mean more business, couldn’t be further from the truth.

Connections made through networking and social media sites are meagerly contact point, and it is in the process of nurturing them to convert to leads that in-person conversations play a major role.

Few things beat a good old meeting when it comes to generating business.

2. Exclusive online communities

With rising concerns of content censorship online and an increasing emphasis on data privacy and security, there is little doubt that more and more corporate data will be managed and shared within exclusive private networks.

Most medium to large sized businesses today would prefer hybrid clouds over public clouds, owing to better privacy and security.

Similar trends are being seen when it comes to internal corporate conversations. Professionals are moving away from public media sharing platforms to those with stronger privacy and security settings.

3. Power lunching is dying out

Once viewed as a comfortable, laid-back approach to meetings, power lunches are being viewed more and more, as an interruption to the day’s workflow.

Lunches often tend to go on longer than expected, and bad traffic conditions to and from the venue further, lengthen what was intended to be a brief meeting.

Nonetheless, a lunch is still preferred by many, only sparingly.

people at a business lunch

4. Sweat working is a thing

As the workforce gets younger and younger, a renewed sense of activeness and enthusiasm enters the workplace.

Sweat working is a concept of working while engaging in light physical activity such as walking.

This is a trend that many predict will gain some serious momentum. Don’t be surprised if your next client tells you he prefers meetings at the local garden.

5. SMB’s will popularize the networking scene

While large enterprises will continue to thrive on brand image and big budget adverting, small to medium-sized businesses will make use of networking to a larger extent, to meet marketing agendas.

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