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How to pick the right event organizer for your event in Dubai

The event organizer you choose sets the tone for your event- it predicates how attendees perceive your business and other participants, as well as how successful the event will be in living up to your objectives.

If you've been searching for the right event organizer for your business, this article is sure to help you make the right choice.

"Event organizing" vs "event project management"

A successful event requires several different verticals to be looked into, such as:

  • Ideation and identifying objectives

  • Venue management

  • A/V setup at venue

  • Catering

  • Design and Marketing

  • Resource management- speakers, mediators, etc

  • Event coverage

  • Obtaining legal permits

  • Event Covergae

  • Post event analysis

More often than not, event organizers or event planners tend to limit themselves to just managing a venue, and co-ordinating with regulatory bodies to obtain necessary event permits.

Just that however, may not guarantee the success of your event.

Although most orgnizers providing a limited scope of work tend to cost substantially less, remember that a well organized event is an investment you make towards your brand awareness, and skimming on costs might not be your best bet.

Event project management involves a broader scope of work with a more comprehensive methodology.

More experienced event organizers also offer event project management as part of their service. This consists of a client consultation and ideation process, defining the objectives of clients, administering marketing campaigns, budget planning, managing logistics and conducting a post event analysis.

Although event organizing is cheaper and may provide you the basic services such as venue, catering and legal services, it somehow lacks a long-range of accountability with other aspects of the event. Better quality of service comes at a price.

The advantage here is that you have a single contractor manage all aspects of your event efficiently, saving you the time and pain of trying to co-ordinate with multiple parties for each aspect of your event, separately.

Here are 5 ways on how to choose the right event management company:

#1 Define the scope of responsibility

You need to define how much responsibility is expected from the events company you want to hire.

Remember that event organizers help you plan your event while project event management helps you manage and monitor the overall performance of your event.

Once you identify which of these two better caters to your requirements, it will be a lot easier for you to pick the right service.

#2 Make an extensive research

Now that you have identified what you need for your event, you can now narrow down your search to the best ones in the field.

The key word here is credibility. Source out the ones that stand out in terms of reviews and testimonials. Remember though, that not all reviews in the internet are authentic; consider them wisely.

The most authentic recommendation come your network of trusted individuals, friends, relatives, colleagues and service providers. They can tell you how good or bad the service of a particular event organizer or management team is.

You can also make a good judgment through company branding, marketing campaigns and social media accounts. How well the company represents itself online can show pretty much how well it can execute in real life.

#3 Test your compatibility

You need to find an organizer who can understand your needs and why you need them.

A good event planner will respect your ideas and enhance them to achieve your vision but at the same time use his/her expertise to advise you when you're headed in the wrong direction.

#4 Make an intelligent decision with fees & charges

Integrity is a valuable aspect you must look into.

You need someone you can trust. Event companies have their own professional fees based on the services they offer and how well their business is performing in the market.

Find the one that is worth the price.

#5 The one that meets the deadline

Most aspects of an event are time sensitive. It is crucial for organizers to meet deadlines as per your requirements. Your clock is ticking and you need someone who can address your needs on time. Find someone who is punctual.

Organizers are fairly busy people. Don't let their schedule delay yours. You can meet half-way and set the best possible date to brainstorm ideas and meet up. They should make the necessary adjustments to accommodate you and not the other way around.

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