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Dos and Don’ts in planning a corporate event

Event planning can be overwhelming with all the innumerable details that you should look into. The best approach is to simply focus on what you should be doing and be on your toes with the things you should be avoiding.

Strop stressing yourself with the things you can't control. Equip yourself with a positive mindset and plan ahead!

event planning do's and don'ts

Here are 10 of the most basic Do’s and Don’ts to help you clear your mind with all your event apprehensions:

The Do’s

#1 Plan ahead

book an event ahead of time when planning a corporae event

There’s no better way to ease your worries than to avoid having them.

Most of the issues that arise in an event are due to lack of preparation.

If you reserved your venue early on, you wouldn’t worry about going over budget in booking the venue you’re aiming for.

If you sent out the invitations early on, you wouldn’t end up chasing your attendees, guests, speakers and entertainers the last minute.

If you pitched with the right sponsors early on, you wouldn’t worry about your event budget because you will have more time to seek sponsorship from other companies and organizations that were not on your list.

Planning ahead keeps you steady and gives you more ease because you know your have plenty of time to make mistakes and resolve it.

#2 Make a contingency plan

make a contingency plan in planning an event

Making a contingency plan is no different from planning ahead. In fact, it’s part of it.

The only difference is that it focuses primarily in building a strategy just in case things don’t go into place.

Since you planned ahead, you can easily pull out your plan B out of your pocket in case it rain pours out or the sound system fails. You don’t just plan ahead but you have a specific strategy for any catastrophe.

#3 Find an event technology that works for you

find an event technology that works for you

Finding an event technology that can incorporate all aspects of your event is a big advantage.

If it can take care of all the details of your event, then you can cross these things out of your worry list.

Most of the event technology nowadays have the ability to track and record registrations, collect payments, promote events using social media and give event feedback.

#4 Make use of a checklist

make use of a checklist

You’re not a machine. You’re human. Create a checklist of all the things you should be looking at: venue, catering, host/speaker, sound system, registration & check in, marketing, budget etc.

Having a list gives you ample time to focus on each component of the event.

#5 Build a strong and strategic team

build a strong team

Trust me, it’s not a one-man show. A corporate event is not a birthday party that you organize for someone special. You don’t just buy a cake, some party hats and a bottle of champagne, put some décor on the wall and surprise the celebrant with a bang!

It doesn’t go that way. You have a client and you have budget to consider. You have target revenue. You have gazillion of things to consider. You have a number of attendees who have different expectations and came from diversified background.

There are so many things that need a whole lot of juggling.

Find the right people to work with you. Build a strong team who understands your event by heart. People with enough passion and who have the same vision.

Once you’ve established your team, create a strategy for them. Let them know that they can rely on the team for any support but at the same time they need to be self-sufficient in desperate time.

The best team member is someone who can stand on his or her own and make the right and bold decision when problems arise, without having to consult or depend on you.

The Don’ts

#6 Don’t cut corners

never cut corners in planning your event

Sure you don’t want to go over budget. We always advise event profs to spend wisely. But you also don’t have to cut corners just because you have limited budget.

Don’t let your budget limit and affect the quality of your event.

Explore possibilities and expand your ideas. There are so many ways to amp up your event and still make it like it’s worth a million bucks. Be creative and prioritize quality.

Remember that you need to always exceed your attendees, clients and sponsor’s expectations.

Using the event budget wisely is always a challenge and this is something you need to master as an event planner.

#7 Don’t choose a poor layout

don't choose a bad event layout

Just because you’ve chosen an amazing venue for your event, everything else will fall into place. Sometimes, the venue management does not know what type of seminar or event you will be hosting.

Their main concern will only be on how to provide a better space that will suit your expectations. But layout wise, you will have to inform them which suits your event better.

Remember that a poor lay out may affect the entire dynamics of your seminar or coaching session. Think of your attendee’s convenience and find ways to maximize space for activities.

#8 Don’t pick a holiday or a day with similar event

don't pick a holiday for your event

Avoid choosing dates that are close to holidays and other similar events. It is best to veer away from dates where your attendees will most likely be on a vacation with their families.

Search for similar events within your event time frame and move your event date away from it to avoid competition. When you’re company or event is fairly new, chances are attendees will most likely choose the event hosted by a well-known organization or establishment.

#9 Don’t forget to incorporate fun

don't forget to have fun in your corporate event

Just because you’re planning a corporate or business event, everything has to be dead serious. People, no matter which industry they come from, whatever intention and purpose they have in attending your event, would surely want to have some fun.

Create a chill out ambiance to your event. Spice it up with fun group activities. Make room for socialization.

Don’t forget that “all work and no play make everyone grumpy, if not sleepy”.

#10 Don’t panic

just relax and everything will be okay

Last but not the least: don’t panic!

Relax. If you do the dos and not do the don’ts, everything else will come easy.

It's that simple!

Don’t beat yourself up with small even big mistakes because every step of your planning is a learning curve and you learn by experience.

Enjoy the process and learn new things along the way!

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