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Event design matters. 5 Elements to keep in mind when setting up your event venue

The principle of design is simple. Whatever is beautiful is good and whatever is ugly is corrupt.

According to the School of Life, a global organization dedicated to developing emotional intelligence, beauty is a promise of goodness and ugliness is evocative of nothing short of despair.

As event planners, we need to be careful not to be associated with the wrong notion just because we have an awful looking venue.

event design matters

Photo from: Society Cafe & Lounge

Design changes perception. It affects decisions. It influences emotions.

We need to take design seriously because it might just be the key that will unlock the doors of endless possibilities.

Since event venues dictate the atmosphere of the event, it is crucial to pay attention to event design and details. What are the important elements we should keep in mind when setting up our venue?

Here are 5 major points to look at:

#1 Space

The most important element to consider in finding the right venue is space.

Depending on the number of attendees you’re expecting, the room should have enough space for participants to explore and interact with each other.

Remember that the main goal of event marketing is to showcase your client’s product and services. Next to it is to have an opportunity to mingle and network with other attendees.

The venue should give a breathing space for this to happen.

Space does not just mean an empty lot or an unfurnished area. It also meant a well-organized layout.

It shouldn’t look chaotic. Proper placing of kiosks, tables, chairs and other spectacle is very important. Just because you rented a huge venue, it already means you’re providing a great one.

The most common mistake event planners do is maximizing too much space that makes the event venue suffocating.

Make use of your space wisely. It needs to create a relaxing atmosphere where everyone can move freely.

Photo from: Corporate Event Space

#2 Lines

Lines are often overlooked since it doesn’t scream louder than other elements. But if you pay attention, it can create an illusion to your event venue. It can make it look huge or smaller depending on how you blend it with other elements.

Horizontal lines are emphasized using rugs, tables and floor tiles.

Vertical lines are established using drapes, columns and wall hangings.

Dynamic lines are said to add interest and movement such as curves and angles.

Photo from: Provacateur, Four Seasons

#3 Forms

Forms are anything related to structure and furnishings. It sets the scene, tone or theme of the event. It creates an interesting character to your venue.

Interesting statement pieces can easily be added to put a little bit of drama in your venue and catch your attendee's curiosity.

You can also play with different angles that can spring a different emotion to attendees. Think of ways to incorporate the furniture and other elements together without to avoid looking too business-like.

Be bold and re-invent the placement of your pieces.

Surprise your attendees with unexpected fixtures and decors.

Photo from: Ramadan Pop-up Space

#4 Light

Light is gives clarity. Whether dim lights or bright ones, it dictates the mood you want to convey.

Natural lighting is always advisable. Combined with other natural elements like huge plants in the hallway or at the corner lobby.

It sort of bring a “breathe-easy” atmosphere that everyone can enjoy as if they are transported to a different place, away from the city life and office chaos.

For nighttime events, you can play around with light colors or focus on making it bright to create a sense of clarity and mindfulness.

You can also use yellow lighting to create a cozy atmosphere.

Photo from: Outdoor Pool Area - Trade Center

#5 Color

Color increases environmental stimuli more than the other elements. This stimuli enhances are ability to store and receive images successfully.

We need to use the best palette because this is something our attendees will surely remember. If they like the color combination used, it can bring them good memories.

Green and blues signify focus and learning.

Pink and oranges on the other hand are used for inspiration.

Photo from: F&B Space Wafi Mall

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Pink and oranges on the other hand are used for inspiration.

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