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Event marketing in a nutshell: 6 Things to keep in mind

Event marketing is defined as the process of developing themed exhibit, display, discussion or presentation to promote a product, a service or a cause.

It is said to be the single most effective marketing channel according to the Event Marketing 2018: Benchmarks and Trends report.

Start-ups are now given a fair chance to compete against big brands through event marketing. It gave them an avenue to introduce their products and showcase its features to the right audience.

Event marketing is versatile in nature because it consists of different strategies that are brought together as one.

It is universal marketing in unified form.

event marketing in a nutshell

To make it easier for one to understand, here’s event marketing in a nutshell. 7 Things to know about event marketing:

#1 Types of event marketing

Event marketing has different types and it is best to know what they are so you can easily identify which of these is most effective for you or for your clients:


Conferences can either be B2B or B2C. It often consists of different sessions and speakers under a specific category or theme, which you can choose from.

Depending on which topic interests you the most, you can pick a specific class you want to attend to. Most of the sessions are simultaneous so you can simply pick the ones that are most significant to you.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are large-scale events with thousands of attendees all over the world. It focuses on a specific industry where companies are given an opportunity to exhibit their products and services. Examples of which are Gulf Food Event and Arabian Travel Market, held annually here in Dubai


Seminars are highly educational. It focuses on specific topics discussed by an expert. It is more intimate than other events because less attendee are expected and it can last for a couple of hours within the day.

Some seminars provide certificates for attendees and speakers allow a few minutes of coaching session.

Roundtables / Summits

Roundtables, just like seminars are also focused on gaining insights and learning. The only difference is that attendees are mostly CEOs and high-level executives.

These top executives and industry leaders gather together to discuss big ideas and share the latest trends and development around the globe.

Virtual Events

Virtual event as we all know allow participants from all over the world to attend the event without being physically present.

A diverse group of attendees is more often than not expected since anyone can join without having to travel to the venue.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid event is a combination of physical and virtual event that takes place at the same time.

Attendees can be physically present in the venue and can interact with fellow attendees but at the same time can also listen and watch a virtual speaker on screen deliver his keynote.

#2 How to measure event Success

event registration


The total number of registration is the easiest way to measure an event’s success. How many people showed up can give you pretty much an idea how well did your event go?

Gross Revenue

The gross revenue metric is the most important indicator of success.

It will give you the amount of ROI versus your expenses and budget.

You can easily see how much you have profited or how much you have loss from your event.

Attendee Satisfacation

You can also measure your success based on your attendee’s feedback.

You can calculate the NPS (NET PROMOTER SCORE) from the attendee satisfaction survey and it will give you an idea if you’ve reached your specific goal: to entertain them or educate them, whichever your target result is.

Acquired Customers

Just because you have a huge number on your registration means your event has been successful. Depending on your goals, it will still matter how many of those attendees have you converted? How many signed up for your client’s coaching session?

The numbers from your acquired customers will completely change your game.

#3 Finding the right venue

event venue

Finding the right venue is simple.

Find the one that already has catering, sound system, the proper set up and ambiance and so on.

This way it will be easier for you to communicate all your requirements and you will save time in sourcing out suppliers.

There are event venues in your city that are signed up on a specific event venue website. You can easily browse the catalogue online and pick the best that suits your needs.

Make sure it’s accessible to all so you don't have to worry about transportation.

Check out Share this space for more info.

#4 Creating a website

event website

Creating a website is crucial for any event. Remember that design is your first step to getting more registration.

It gives the first impression to your event. A boring or complicated website can easily drive away potential attendees.

Make your website stand out with catchy taglines, unique theme and compelling colors.

Make it easier for people to navigate the site and put all the necessary information at one glance so they can make an initial decision based on the date, timing and venue.

#5 Promoting on social media

promoting on social media

Create a unique hashtag and send them across all social media channels.

Find an influencer to help you promote your event.

Use event technologies like Eventbrite and Mailchimp to help you market your event.

Create blogs relating to your event, put a CTA (Call to Action) button somewhere in the middle or at the bottom of the blog that will direct the readers to your event page.

#6 Finding the right sponsors

finding the right sponsors for your event

Finding the right sponsors may not be as easy as you think.

The key here is to be as resourceful as you can.

Search for similar events as yours and look for their sponsors. Reach out to these sponsors because they will most likely be interested in sponsoring events like yours.

Search for similar companies under the same industry and reach out to them. The more companies on your list, the better chances of winning a sponsorship spot.

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