Build your career in event organizing & management- 10 key skillsets

Like working with people, being creative and constantly learning new skills?

Looking for an industry that helps you build a career, while constantly engaging with new connections and frequently being on the move?

Look no further. Event management, it is.

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A career path that helps you capitalize on your strengths and build on your weaknesses

Event management is a career path that braces you with passion, hard work, creativity and practical reasoning.

While some see it as nerve-wracking, at times, event management is all about multitasking efficiently and being patient for processes to take place the way they should.

A successful event manager is a creative personality and networking genius who likes to have a calendar crammed with 'introductory meetings' and fun.

- Shaumik Saha [Co Founder, Stride Plus Events]

Not to mention, being a team player is important.

Having to understand different cultures and work-ethics becomes handy as you will be dealing with a ton of people.

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Whats are the specific skillsets required to be successful in Event Management

As an event manager, your responsibilities span across various business processes and verticals.

Being thoroughly versed with every single skillset doesn't ensure your success as much as constantly bettering yourself does.

Look at a career in event management as a constant learning process.

Event Management Skillsets:

#1 Communication & people skills

Professionals in the events industry should have phenomenal communication skills.

You have got to be good with people, in order to make processes take place in a timely & orderly fashion.

Being a good conversationalist is part of the job, a practical skill that’s used on day-to-day basis.

You are going to have to think out of the box, when resolving time sensitive issues. Not only is this a practical skillset, but also puts your creativity to the test.

#2 Organizational skills with a pinch of creativity

You are going to have to think out of the box, when resolving time sensitive issues. Not only is this a practical skillset, but also puts your creativity to the test.

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Being eminently organized is a must. With this in mind, tracking the tasks, keeping up with deadlines and consistently updating your to-do list; all while keeping in mind a client's expectations, calls for top-notch organizational capabilities.

#3 Multitasking across various verticals

Events are essentially various different processes streamlined into a seamless experience.

As an employee in the events industry, you have to well versed with various different business processes:

  • Marketing & Customer Relations

  • Sales

  • Venue Management

  • Event Logistics

#4 Being detail oriented

At the grass-root level, organizing an event is nothing but a long, detailed checklist to tick off.

Why do companies outsource, then, instead of managing events as an internal process?

The prime reason is the sheer amount of details to be looked into.

Any individual who can ensure that all details are looked into, keeping in mind the clients' expectations, is a perfect fit for an event management role.


#5 Budget awareness

Event management is a numbers game. Bottom lines are heavily dependent on the margins you keep.

Being good with numbers and experienced with budget allocation will surely give you an edge over every other event organizer out there.

#6 Phenomenal marketing skills

Most event management companies function very traditionally.

Regardless of how unique your propositions are, you are going to part of the rat race for market share; more so in a market like the MENA & EMEA region.

It all boils down to how well you are able to market the brand.

#7 Logistics

Depending on the scale of the event, organizers have to deal with anywhere between a couple hundred to thousands of units of equipment (seating, A/V, decor, etc.) to be rented, stored, delivered and set up at in a timely order.

F&B catering also comes into the picture here.

Having a knack for logistics and strategic planning is definitely a big plus for event organizers.

#8 Become an event ‘junkie’

Something that impresses me is how a person can be so involved and loves what they are doing. Often a common trait in event organizers.

Always knows the lay of the land in the world of events. The interest lies in all types of events, that’s what I call an events junkie.

#9 A sense of Business

Be it a fashion show, sport event or business conference, events are highly organized- proceedings.

Event managers need to precede in the business & thoroughly comprehend how the business sector works.

The ‘commercial instinct’ gives a heads up on the sense of business, when dealign with clients.

#10 Team player

Despite the fact that you can do a lot on your own, you will have to work in a team and actively participate in collaborative processes.

A two-way understanding and the ability to work in a team, is an essential skill.

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3 reasons to start a career in the Events Industry

Abundance of variety

Variety excites people.

An employee in the events industry can pick from a fairly broad spectrum of possibilities; business events, entertainment events, sporting events, etc.

The decision regarding the direction in which you want your career to head, is yours.

You take control of whether you want to emphasize on one specific type, or want to keep your work diversified among various types of events.

This is to say, they would be fresh and enduring, it will continue to encourage you in many ways.

Increased flexibility in work culture

We live in a time where most employees consider work-life-health balance to be of prime importance.

As an employee in the events industry, not only will you have various different job roles to chose from, but will also be able to work flexible hours.

Each role gives you a handful of options; you have to find the right role that suits you – such as financial adviser, event caterer, charge of the logistics or even putting together the exhibitions.

Keeps you on your toes

This profession will utilize every skill you hold and will keep you up and about.

A knack for organization skills, attention on every single detail and your punctuality these are few features an event manager should comprise of, your unique imagination is a plus to create an inspiring yet remarkable event.

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