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5 Event technology must-haves for event planners

Technology has become indispensable to all of us. Just imagine losing your phone on an important day. Wouldn’t you go insane?

software and mobile app for events

Convenience is the most significant variable in the equation. Technology has made life easier, faster, more accurate, more reliable and more connected to one another.

Who wants logistical nightmares and delays? An event is one of those places where there are several things to be looked into simultaneously- it screams to be simplified by technology.

Lucky for us organizers, tools exist to make our tasks more efficient.

So here are the 5 event management tools you need in your technology stack to make managing your next event a breeze:

#1 EMS or Event Management Software

EMS are available either as software or cloud based systems.

They help planners manage, market and analyze events in one go. It helps organizers save time with marketing, registrations, managing attendees and tracking visibility online.

There’s a good deal of Event Management Software available in the market nowadays but the one that has been tried and tested with its efficiency, and the one we recommend using is Eventbrite.

The website is user-friendly and anyone can create his or her own event without consulting a professional. It also has a variety of useful features that allow organizers to sell tickets easily within the area and promote the event through social media.

2# Event Mobile App

Mobile applications cater to a broad range if organizer requirements- from marketing to managing attendees and more.

Event mobile applications can simply be a mobile version of the EMS, or something that caters to the attendees as well, sharing information regarding the event and participants.

Apps that attendees can download to learn more about the event are very useful for events that span across multiple days and are held at larger venues. The app can provide information on the participants, agenda as well as help them navigate easily across the venue.

Mobile based EMS systems provide you with a portable database of attendees and real time statistics right at your fingertips.

3# On site EMS

On site EMS are management software used on the day of the event. Normally, these are check-in applications that help organizers in registration, payment collection and badges distribution.

Gone are the days when you have to wait on queue just to get a hold of your attendee stubs and nameplates.

Most EMS systems also provide on-site solutions, so finding one that caters to both requirements is your best bet.

4# CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is a powerful tool that when used accordingly can bring immeasurable ease to event organizers.

CRM's not only house the entire database of an organization but also compiles data such as their contact information and business details, helping you easily manage and market to them.

What can we recommend?

Hubspot being the most widely used because of its free basic marketing tools and adaptable features is our number one choice of CRM.

You can easily add other services that suit your needs without a sweat: from its communication channels to marketing strategies, from handling potential clients to client retention, and from lead analysis to company ROI.

Second on our list is Mailchimp, which comes in handy to all event organizers. We all know Mailchimp for having the most robust email marketing features optimized to accelerate your marketing campaigns and get phenomenal results.

#5 Survey Tools

Survey Tools are the building blocks of your events. They bring light to the tunnel, putting the puzzle pieces of your Fundraisers or Corporate Events together.

As you gather more data, you are able to learn which venues are suitable, what kind of speakers are expected, which food to serve, how many attendees are you counting on and so on.

Ultimately, it is also the bedrock of your future success. You can learn from the negative feedback and channel your strengths from the positive ones.

Post-event surveys also helps you progress with your relationship with attendees, may it be to celebrate success with them and feed them with gratitude pages or make up for the losses by gifting some giveaways.

It depends on your style and how you make the most out of it.

SurveyMonkey is of course the top survey tools in our list.

5 event technology must haves

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