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How to get more VIP attendees for your event

Events are investments to most attendees. We might think they want a cheaper ticket to get access to your events but no. People value quality more than anything else.

If they think that your event is worth it, they will definitely invest more money on it.

Shelling out extra bucks for a VIP package is not an issue if they can get both convenience and enhanced experience out of it.

VIP tickets offer convenience and enhanced experience

The question now is how are you supposed to entice more attendees to purchase your VIP ticket? What else can you offer for them to add a few dollars or dirham to the cart?

#1 Convenience

Provide a free parking for VIP attendees

You need to make your event as convenient as possible for your VIP attendees.

Remember that they are signing up for VIP ticket because it offers ‘special treatment’ which regular attendees don't have.

VIP attendees want things easy. They want to eliminate any chaos, delay and struggle.

Offer VIP Parking so they can readily park their cars and prep themselves up early to your event. They will have enormous time to go to the washroom, check out the venue, take photos and mingle with other attendees early on before the event starts.

Don't let them line up for registration. Provide a special reception or lounge area for VIP attendees.

Lastly, attendees are expecting to get the best out of your event. Make them feel like they’re your first priority by having them seat on the front row to get a better view of the speakers and entertainers.

You can also incorporate special catering service to offer them drinks or cocktails and appetizers without having to stand up from their seat. Distribute some VIP tags, manuals, notebooks and pens for them to use.

#2 Enhanced experience

An enhanced and unique experience can easily attract potential VIP attendees.

Keynote speakers, industry leaders and some prominent personalities are your major assets in your events. Get your VIP attendees a few hours of one-on-one session or interaction with them.

The thought of sitting together and meeting them in person, having a casual discussion, raising questions and getting significant feedback will absolutely get your attendees on board with your VIP offer.

Don’t forget to spice up your VIP package with either an exclusive after party or dinner topped with an amazing band. This will allow them to network more with prominent personalities in the market.

Spice up your event with a VIP after party

Add some fancy giveaways too so they will always remember the amazing experience they had during the event.

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