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How to handle negative reviews on social media and make things right

You can’t please everyone, that’s for sure. People will always have something negative to say about your product or services. Whether the complaint rooted from an unfortunate event that you don’t have any control of or from a detail that you have overlooked, you would need some strategies to control the damage and revive your brand image.

Whatever your business is, may it be advertising or event planning business, you will never escape a negative publicity. You need to learn how to handle it well and know how to fix it.

how to handle negative reviews from social media

Here are 9 ways to handle negative reviews on social media and make things right:

#1 Compose yourself

compose yourself when you read negative comments in social media

There’s no better way to deal with a negative review than to look at it with a good mindset.

This will hurt big time depending on how much damage the bad review has done to your brand. Acknowledge the hurt because your business is like your “kid.”

You gave birth to it or (well created it). You raised it well to become the best business it could possibly be. You made sure it's strong and smart to stand on its own. Then in one snap, someone will simply push it against the wall and give it some heavy beating.

No way! Unforgivable. Right?

Try to compose yourself when this happens.

Giving up on anger will not do you any good. Instead, focus on what you can do better and use the negative review as a learning experience.

Where did you go wrong? What can you do to prevent it from happening again? What can you do better to improve? How do you make up for your customer?

If you focus on the process of resolving the issue, you won’t be wasting your time dwelling on the negative impact and you will be more productive.

#2 Take responsibility

take responsibility when issues come

Don’t run away from the issue or point fingers to anyone.

Acknowledge the fact there is something wrong, whether with the product or service or simply just the experience that has nothing to do with your brand.

You are the business owner so take complete ownership. You need to stand by your business whether it’s at the top of the world or at the bottom.

Let the world know that you will be in charge with whatever happens to it. Be brave enough to face setbacks and be confident enough to bounce back.

#3 Turn off posting feature

turn off posting feature in facebook and other social media

Most companies don’t give anyone an opportunity to post on their facebook page. This prevents anyone from posting negative comments. This eliminates disputes that can go viral.

If customers have complains, it is only fair to raise the issue via email, phone call or customer service centre, so you can resolve the issue in private.

Turning off the posting feature can give you a window to discuss the issue with the customer without having to involve the public.

#3 Take time to respond

take time to respond to customer comments

The common mistake that business owners or event planners make is simply not responding to the issue in social media right away, allowing more time for the negative publicity to go viral.

Never let the negative review lay there in the open field for a long time. Take immediate action and respond to the customer complains right away.

The sooner you pacify the customer and settle the dispute the easier you can extinguish the fire that got your brand burning.

#4 Focus on your strength

focus on the strength of your business

Focus on your strength when dealing with bad reviews.

What have you done for your client? What were the services you offered them that they really like? What are the compliments you often get from your business? What have you achieved so far for the past years?

Highlight these good things and write about them to remind your customers of your company's credibility, values and fine points.

#5 Write an email or call to apologize

apologize to customers via email

Writing an apology via email makes it more personal and genuine rather than doing it through the comment section.

You can even have them discuss their doubts and frustration over what happened.

It is better that they vent out their remaining rage with you via email than to give them more room to scandalize your brand with multiple comments in different social channels.

You can also call them directly to address their concerns.

With proper narrative and tone, you might just soothe your customer's rage and hush them in silence.

#6 Resolve the issue

Offer alternate solution and give a specific time frame

Provide appropriate and alternate solutions in a timely manner

Customers tend to raise hell more when they wait for hours before you respond.

Give them a specific and reasonable time frame as to when you will be able to resolve their issues.

Remember that you need to deliver the things as promised.

Another way of mending the fence between you and the customer is by gifting them with free service or gifts as a way of your apology.

If they liked the gesture, chances are they will also write about it and will give you good publicity.

#7 Gather more good reviews

gather more good reviews from satisfied customers

When the bad review has already proliferated around social media, there's nothing much you can do about it.

Try to focus on better things that you can work on.

Find ways on how to enhance your service to cover up the bad reviews.

Gather more good reviews from satisfied customers.

#8 Monitor all social media channels

Monitor all social media platforms

How will you be able to fix the bad reviews if you don't even know they exist?

Don't be the last person to know about your bad reviews.

Step up your game and be vigilant with social comments.

Always monitor your platforms or have someone check it daily for you.

Make sure that you always satisfy your customers and clients by reading their daily feedbacks and posts.

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