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How to minimize stress and be more productive before an event

There is nothing worst than to have anxiety the day before your event.

Sure events can be stressing but it can also be exciting. If you keep obsessing about your event the day before, you will be depleted.

The best way to minimize stress and be more productive before an event is to always be prepared for disaster. If you know you have planned well and you are well equipped with anything that comes your way, then everything else will be a breeze.

You can sit back and relax because you know that no catastrophe can disrupt your bubble bath, few hours before your big day.

how to minimize stress before your event

Prevention they say is better than cure. So it’s best to prep up before stress knocks you down. Here 10 ways to do so:

1# Manage your time well

Manage your time well

Start early to finish early. Don’t give in with the urge to procrastinate.

People tend to panic because they feel like they have enough time. When they realize they don’t then they begin to cram and make things worse.

Create a time management table so you don’t have to choke yourself with tons of work. List down the things you need to accomplish and give each of them a deadline.

Thinking about the event as a whole is overwhelming so focus on one task at a time.

#2 Clear your workspace

Clear your workspace

Messy space can make you anxious. Just imagine your desk filled with sticky notes, supplier and vendor contracts, magazines, your gadgets etc.

Just the mere fact that your desk is so busy with so much stuff is already overwhelming. What about the million things you need to accomplish before your event? Where do you plan to keep them?

According to the Journal of Neuroscience, cluttered environment restrict our ability to focus. A number of studies have shown that physical chaos contributes with the increase of our cortisol level.

So start de-cluttering to clear your mind.

#3 Be strict with the budget

Stick with the budget

Anxiety comes when you go over budget and you still have pending expenses. Stick with the budget so you don’t have to get all worked up finding ways on how to cut some cost.

It is also stressing to think of forking out of your pocket to compensate with the cost. Don’t let yourself to caught up with extravagant and unnecessary details.

Just stick with the budget and you will be relieved to have extra bucks left before your event!

#4 Find a reliable venue

Find a reliable venue

A reliable venue will ease your worries away. They will be responsible with almost everything you need; catering, sound system, decoration, check-in and so on.

They will take care of both your attendees and your event itself.

All you have to do is follow up before the big day and show up in the morning!

#5 Pay attention to details

Read contracts carefully

Read the contracts you’re signing carefully. You might miss some items that will soon bite your ass. It is better to be meticulous that to suffer the consequences later on.

Finding some flaws before your event can be stressful. Not only you have to find ways to resolve the issue, but you will also be beating yourself up the whole time for not taking time to read the narrative.

So read, understand and review!

#6 Be strict with the policies

don't accept last minute request

Make sure that all suppliers and people involve in the event know your policy. Never accept last minute request because this will cost too much hassle on your part.

Make sure that all your vendors are on board and can’t cancel the last minute. Don’t allow changes before your event unless it is really necessary.

Be strict with your vendors, team and client.

#7 Use the best tech tools

use the best event technology to help you

Event technologies can be a stress-reliever.

Instead of manually doing stuff, you can simply rely on Eventbrite or Mailchimp and Zenus biometrics for face recognition registration.

There are more event tech available in the market nowadays that can make your life easier and make things faster.

If you use them wisely, you will have plenty of time for yourself before the event.

Let these event tech do the job for you!

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