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How to source the best keynote speakers for your event

Having exceptional keynote speakers for your event is a gateway to your event’s victory. People attending your event would often rate their entire event experience based on how effective, credible and compelling the speaker is.

Sure they will remember the spectacular view of your venue or the delicious caviar during break, but they will also remember how badly the speaker bored them to death.

Remember that most often than not, people remember the bad more than the good. We can easily overlook the fine points of the event just because we are extremely disappointed with the speaker.

So it’s best to source the most compelling speakers and invest on them than to sacrifice the quality of presentation and risk your event image.

Acquiring an effective speaker is a win-win situation. They can generate their own leads through your events and you can achieve your target ROI.

Remember that reviews of the attendees can spread like wild fire after the event. If the speaker is that good, you don’t even need to do a lot of marketing on his or her behalf.

Word of mouth works like magic. If the attendees liked the lecture and if they were able to connect with the speaker well, the event itself will have a great publicity and you can see a rapid increase of attendees in the upcoming seminars.

So how do you find the right speakers that can be valuable to your events?

#1 Social media research and online tools

The Internet itself is larger than life. Social media along with the innumerable online tools can expand to infinity. You can source any information easily and get the best results if you know the tricks.

The best part is that social media is very generous with information.


One of the best tools to use in your quest to finding the right speakers is Buzzsumo. Just type in the keywords such as the type of speaker or event you’re looking for and it will provide you a list of content to look into.

These pieces of content will help you get to the right person. Although it would take so much effort to browse the contents, it is still a promising channel to source out a good speaker.

Once you find the related match, you can contact the author of the content or find relevant names that may have been mentioned in the article. They would often link the speaker’s name to his or her own site or at least just mention a couple of seminars and trainings he or she is conducting.

When you have the names on the list, you can now use other tools like Linkedin or email finders such as findthat.email or email hunter to look up for the contact details of the speaker.

You can search for their social media accounts and see how the people are responding on their sites. You can easily gauge if they have already established their names and how satisfied the attendees are based on the social media interaction.


It will only take you a couple of minutes to find exceptional speakers on youtube. Most likely they will already have their own channels or someone has already posted their public speaking video online.

A few minutes of watching them give the lecture can already tell you how good they are and how much they can bring value to your event. Check the comments section and see how the review goes.

#2 Attendee feedback

Create a networking group online (if you don’t have any yet), from your previous attendees. You can also send out surveys to get feedback from them.

Ask them if they have keynote speakers in mind that they want to be invited in your event.

Attendee recommendations are the best way to find great speakers. It means they have somehow already heard of these speakers through friends and colleagues or they already had a great experience with them in the past.

if not, these may be the speakers they are looking forward to meet and they will be overjoyed if you can bring them on board.

#3 Related Events

Find some related events online. Chances are you will find ideal speakers for your event who are already conducting the same lectures and seminars.

Those events will sure have contact details and other relevant information which you can use to get to your prospected speaker.

#4 TED’S pool of speakers

Ted Talks, if you have not heard of it is an annual conference where experts and public speakers from different fields are invited to give powerful and inspiring talks about their works, experience and discoveries.

You can go to their website or simply check out youtube to dig deep on their catalogue of speakers that you can invite to your own event.

Since TED Talk is already a huge brand in terms of conferences and public speaking, you can easily market your event if you get a TED Talk speaker in your event.

#5 Speaker’s Bureau

A Speaker’s Bureau is an organization that provides services for companies or other entities looking for valuable speakers, conference facilitators or lecturers.

They have a catalogue of speakers from different industries that they introduce to clients depending on what they require.

Some events companies have their own in-house Speaker’s Bureau which they use to conduct their own events.

The best way is to contact the organization to source out a speaker.

Stride Plus Events will soon open a Speaker’s Bureau to mediate between both speakers and clients.

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