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How to use the power of imagination in event marketing: 5 Quick Tips

Imagination fuels everything. It can control, alter or impact individuals, ideas, circumstances and realities. It can shape the future into anything it desires.

The power of imagination is limitless and all you have to do is use them - for free. Isn't that a good news? You have all the resources you need to make it big.

The most successful people we know of, have used just their imagination alone, to start a revolution.

the power of imagination in event marketing

Event marketing is no different from science breakthroughs. You need to explore the possibilities and defy the norms. A series of experiments here and there, and you might just end up creating your own “light bulb” moment.

The key here is to be fearless.

Here are 5 quick tips that you can use to jumpstart your imagination:

#1 Creative Activities

Think of fun and exciting activities for your attendees. Expand your imagination on what else is out there. Don't limit yourself with what you already know.

Be willing to learn more. Explore other industries. Experiment.

Learn from the expert:

To promote its photo sharing and storage service , Google launched an exciting activity using an eclectic source; a food truck.

The “Pay with a photo” challenge used a food truck that roams around the street offering waffles in exchange of photos.

The mechanics of the game is to find a specific photo in your phone that will match the words displayed on the mechanic box within a specific time frame.

The first one to find a match wins a waffle.

#2 Creative Incentives

Creative incentives work perfectly to encourage your attendees to participate.

You just need to inject a little bit of creativity to make it work like magic.

Learn from the expert:

In the "Doodle for Google" campaign, young artists were encouraged to create a doodle, based on a daily prompt, to be featured on the search engine page of Google.

The winner takes $30k scholarship, $50k worth of technology in their school, a chrome book and an android tablet.

You don’t need to go that far of course. Your creative incentive must be aligned with your marketing budget. There are innumerable ways to incentivize your attendees. May it be in a form of freebies or money. Just get them engage before giving rewards so they can pay attention to the event objectives.

Make sure the incentive is relevant to your campaign.

#3 Creative Collaboration

Collaboration is always an important factor we often missed. Remember that creativity is like a scavenger hunt with a twist. You have to find ideas in random places and extraordinary circumstances. And what better way to collect fast is to have a team of creative people to scout with you and bring all your small ideas together to execute a phenomenal one.

Learn from the expert:

Check out how Google partnered with Converse to create an unique and inspirint event.

#4 Creative Experience

Creative experience is bliss, if executed perfectly. There is no wishful thinking or false hopes that can root from a creative experience. It's a make or break deal.

Once your attendees or potential customers liked what they’ve experienced, you can expect guaranteed success.

The experience should appeal to the memory. It should be unforgettable and must be associated with positive emotions. It should be something worth sharing to others.

Learn from the expert:

Here’s an example of how imagination brought together people from different backgrounds and how technology helped to break the language barrier.

By using Google Translate app, the guests were able to translate the menu written in different languages that made it easier for them to order.

# 5 Creative Celebration

Imagination is a celebration of creativity.

Take advantage of the events happening around you. Have a look at your calendar. Holidays and the endless festivities around the world can be a great resource to generate ideas.

Incorporate a few Ramadan greetings and some facts about the occasion if you’re in Dubai. Connect with your readers, attendees or potential customers by sending out seasonal greetings and relevant updates on certain occasions before your event.

If you can't find an occasion to integrate your event, create one.

Learn from the expert:

Macy’s being one of the largest retail store in U.S., hosted a six-mile parade from Brooklyn to Herald Square.

The very first parade became an unexpected hit that in 1957, NBC has offered a contract to Macy's to broadcast the event annually.


the power of imagination in event marketing

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