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Differentiate yourself: Get hired in a saturated job market | 6 Tips

With every other person in the developed world having a degree today, differentiating yourself in an ever competitive job market is becoming harder.

Technology has not only changed the skill-sets required to perform successfully in the workplace, but also the way in which people learn and re-skill themselves.


Here are 6 tips to help you stand out in a saturated job market and increase your chances of getting hired:

Finding purpose in your career choices

Finding a job that not only satisfies your monetary expectations, but also aligns with your goals, passions and belief systems is extremely important.

We live in the era of 'knowledge workers'. Employees are expected to contribute to various business processes in an organization, and not just clock entry & exit times.

To be an active participant to the growth of the business, calls for passion.

Experienced recruiters and employers know when they see true passion; and they hire accordingly.

Network & build the right connections

Although we don't recommend focusing on just this, increasing the chain of people you know will, in one way or the other, increase your chances of being recruited. Be it a formal recommendation letter, or simply a hearty compliment passed on behind the scenes, it all helps

Recruitment manager’s sift through piles of resumes on a frequent basis. It takes all of about five seconds for you to either prove yourself as a worthy asset to the company, or you're just another sheet of paper that's flipped over.

Connect online and visit networking events. Visit recruiters in person and build your network. It instantly improves your chances of getting hired.

Besides the edge that it gives you when it comes to getting hired, networking is a vital part and plays a fundamental role in ones self-development.

Your EQ, communication skills and intrapersonal skills are all put to the test at a networking event.


Identifying your skills

Going after the hot new thing is not for everyone. Sometimes, you're better of doing your own thing.

Identify your talents and ask yourself what occupies most of your efforts, time, and thoughts. Whatever the answer to that is, is your true calling. It will definitely help you channelize you skills and passions into your work effectively, helping you produce better results.

Internships & Traineeships

Landing an internship in a reputable company is an achievement by itself. Gaining the necessary experience and working in the company gives an image of you being more of an alumni from the company.

It helps you step your standards up and gives you a taste of the real deal.

Internships teach you how things function in an organization, or in your particular field. It allows you to build connections that might just help you land your first major gig.

Most importantly, internships allow you to make the last couple of mistakes, before you land your first job, thereby improving your first impressions. We all know how important those are.

The importance of re-skilling

The talk about AI and robots replacing humans has been in the talks for a while now.

While most people fret and complain about losing their jobs, the right thing for skilled workers to do is re-skill. When bank tellers were put out by ATM's, fintech development engineers became the hot new job.

Machines are far from being as able as the human mind and body. There will always be certain tasks that we can do, that they can't.

It is crucial for higher education seekers to identify the viability of their skills when they will be entering the job market, and chose courses accordingly.

The good news is, re-skilling has never been easier. With tons of online resources, courses and self-help material the only commitment that learning a new skill requires in today's time, in your time.

Gain experience and keep progressing

Being stuck in the same position for a prolonged period of time decreases your productivity and prevents you from working to your best potential.

The key to succeeding in the long run, is to be willing to step out of your comfort zone, accept new opportunities and constantly strive for progress.

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