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5 Reasons why live video is shaping the future of content marketing

The popularity of live video is fast growing and unstoppable. In Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, live video is said to increase 15-fold from 2016 – 2021.

By 2019, 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content. We can assume that the large portion of this number will be from live video and a small portion from recorded ones.

Big brands such as Starbucks, Chevrolet, Sephora, Kohl’s and Dunkin Donuts used Facebook Live as a channel for their marketing campaigns and events.

Today, we can see small to medium businesses even retail amateurs selling variety of products online and getting a huge amount of traffic without any visible effort on content.

Anyone can now market his or her product and services online –live, the way a retailer would sell in stores or supermarkets.

Live video has clearly established its productivity and profitability in the market. It goes to show that we as event marketer would have to learn how to use it to our advantage.

Here are 5 reasons why live video is shaping the future of content marketing and why we all need to keep up.

#1 Increased exposure

increase exposure in live video

Every marketing professional’s goal is to increase brand awareness. No matter how good the quality of content is if there’s zero visibility, it’s useless.

Live video has paved the path for small business owners and retailers. It has established equality among all kinds of businesses to make their products and service known to the public.

Content therefore is no longer predominated by huge companies.

Since only 29% of consumers are engaged with blogs and 43% are engaged in videos, small companies are now given a fair chance to be visible online because they can now rely on a channel that can provide them better ranking.

Video is 45 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google than text results.

Just by Facebook alone you can share your live video and get exposure to a billion users. Even say you remove a portion of that number and divide it into your network reach, you still can’t ignore the sharing capability of Facebook that can double your numbers in a matter of minutes.

#2 Real-time interaction

real-time interaction in live video

Broadcasting live creates an open window for both marketers and consumers to communicate freely.

Comments, icons, reactions, likes and views can already say a lot, if you want a significant and authentic assessment on how your business is going.

You can walk the consumers through a process, answer relevant questions on pricing, quality and availability, and most importantly build rapport.

Real-time responses are more robust because it’s on the spot and no external factors can influence the consumer’s choice in a short interaction span. In short, opinions are authentic.

You generate a genuine feedback, even real-time sales without having to wait for days.

#3 Business partnership growth

company growth through business partnership

Not only will you have exposure to consumers. You also now have an easy visibility to sponsors and other companies who might take interest with your business.

Just put your video content out there and see how far it goes. With live video it’s easier now to showcase the potential and worth of your business.

With the right amount of traffic, you can attract more investors to join your enterprise.

#4 Cost-efficient & effortless marketing

Compared to recorded videos, live videos are raw and do not require any video editing techniques.

You don’t even have to prep up so much as much as you do on recorded videos. The highlight of a live video is for the audience to see a real person marketing her service, product or campaign.

Regardless whether it’s low light or foggy, whether the sound is piercing or muffled, the authenticity of your content is what matters.

You don't need any extravagant device to film yourself. An ordinary mobile phone would suffice.

#5 Credibility

brand credibility

Live video allows business owners to provide behind-the-scene footages and product demo that helps build audience trust and eliminate doubts.

Retailers for instance can show their products live and are obliged to answer questions regarding the durability of the material used. They can easily justify the cost, quality or delivery time frame if questioned.

Consumers who have already tried the product or services can also make live affirmations and testify about the brand.

This is something that blogs are still trying to win over since most readers are still skeptic with online reviews.

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