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Shaumik Saha: Talking to a wall is infuriating

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I trust you've had a productive start to the week.

We all hate feeling like we're talking to a wall. It infuriates us. This is true regardless of the context- your relationships, your business, your social circles, and what have you. We all like to be heard, acknowledged and understood.

Put yourself in your customers' shoes.

Using your product or service, would they ever be in a situation where they would feel like they are talking to a wall?

Slow response times? Buggy automations? Useless chat-bots? Unresponsive customer service?

These are all fatal mistakes on behalf of your business. If you make customers feel like they're talking to a wall, they will leave. It's only a matter of time.

This is a rising concern among businesses that are rushing to digitize. Founders, business owners and product managers need to stop misunderstanding digitization.

The aim is to leverage digital capabilities to develop a faster, more intuitive and more capable experience for customers

Not a dystopian, disconnected experience that makes customers feel like they're talking to a wall.

Here are some handy tips to ensure that your customer experience is warm, intuitive and customer-centric:

(1) Create genuinely good experiences at all phases of the customer cycle. (2) Test for bugs and test again. (3) Don't deny bugs and shortfalls when customers call you out on it. (4) For the love of God, have real people in customer support. Chat-bots cannot replace actual customer support. (5) Always be open to feedback. Always. And act upon that feedback. (6) Be available for customers when they need you.

(7) Focus on customer-centricism. What would you want if you were in their shoes?

Remember, customers are the lifeblood of your business. A good experience not only helps you retain them better, but also drastically improves word of mouth referrals, repeat business and organic growth.

I would urge you to take a moment and ponder upon this area of your business.

As always, I hope this has been helpful to you.

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