• Shaumik Saha

Shaumik Saha: How to provide value to your addressable market as a consultant?

An excerpt from an online event that our director, Shaumik Saha spoke at a while ago.

Providing value in the way of content and information to your addressable market is one of the most resourceful things you can do as a consultant to build your reputation, increase outreach and gain business.

However, you want to do this the right way.

Start by understanding various segments within your addressable market. Very broadly you can differentiate them into the following two categories;

(1) New audiences: People that have't heard of you and don't know what you can deliver for them. The best approach here is to put out relevant content and information that they need, that may lead them to seek further advice from you. You also want to try and attend events and seize every networking opportunity to get in touch with this group of people.

(2) Existing audiences: people that already know what you can deliver for them (current clients, past clients, business acquaintances, etc.).

The best approach here is to see what you're offering them at the moment or how much they know about what you do; and look at what more you can add on to that.

You can further categorize both segments into different areas of service, product categories or another categorization that you prefer.

Watch to video above to hear more about our Director, Shaumik Saha's opinions on the matter.

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