• Shaumik Saha

Shaumik Saha: How to stay in business in times of uncertainty

An excerpt from a talk that our director, Shaumik Saha, delivered at a recent online event.

Relevant skillsets change drastically over time.

Disruption in the marketplace isn't new. We have seen countless examples throughout history, where certain skillsets lost prominence while others increased in prominence. Uncertainties and disruptions are a hash inevitability. The catalysts may differ but they will occur.

The ongoing uncertainty is no different. In fact, being only temporary and periodic in nature, it will not have any long term consequences or create any long term redundancies for certain skillsets. This is a good thing.

In the meantime, we strongly believe that diversification of skillsets and business capabilities is the way to go. Furthermore, utilize this time to plan future projects and moves. Sometimes, uncertainty is just nature's way of forcing much needed change.

This is the key to surviving in uncertain times, regardless of what the underlying cause of uncertainty might be.

Always ask yourself what you can do for your clients and customers that is relevant in the current situation. That is your answer to surviving disruption. And that changes with our without sudden events like the pandemic. It's always changing and to keep up you've got to be on top of your game.

Watch to video above to hear more about our Director, Shaumik Saha's opinions on the matter.

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