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Shaumik Saha on Personal Productivity for Startup Founders

Let me cut right to the chase and commence by sharing the most secretive secret of them all- there are no secrets in this game. To each startup founder their own.

All that I can share are experiences, advice and opinions. What will really predicate your outputs would be you finding out what works for you. Period.

shaumik saha on personal productivity for startup founders

The importance of personal productivity for startup, business and job success

The brutal reality for most startups is that their founders are often the sole or majority drivers of business outcomes.

Most or all responsibilities in terms of funding, management and ideation rests upon the shoulders of a single founder or a small group of founders.

Large teams, advisories, and management is often a distant reality for cash-strapped founders.

The implications of this is that personal productivity and wellbeing plays an unimaginably huge role in the overall success of the company, thus it’s importance.

If the founders falter here, there often isn’t anybody else to call it out and this remains unchecked.

To put it simply a lousy, unproductive startup founder almost always ends up with a lousy, unproductive startup company that will fail. That better not be your startup.

do more of what works for you

Do more of what works for you

I’ve said it before, and I will reiterate myself. Find out what works for you and do more of it. There are no golden rules here, but you must find a schedule and approach to work that is fine by you.

Trial and error is the approach here.

Try different schedules and structures to organizing your day and stick to what really works for you.

If being up at 4:00 am, going for a run, and having 3 cups of coffee early on in the day is what you require to be productive then do just that.

On the contrary if you truly are a night owl, there's no harm at all in spendng all-nighters getting work done.

productivity tips being busy all the time is a silly trend

Being busy all the time is a silly trend

God above knows when and why "busyness" became the metric for productivity instead of efficiency.

Sure, long work hours and 6 or 7 day workweeks are a necessary commitment for a lot of startup founders, but if you have spent several months on end “being busy” and your business still hasn’t progress at all, you’re doing something wrong.

Minimize the amount of time wasted on unnecessary internet surfing, aimless scrolling on social media, and unimportant discussions and conversations; and I promise you you’ll have a weekend all for your self , solid nights of sleep and will not be on the verge of burnout, whilst getting tremendous amounts of work done for your startup.

Work hard; rest sufficiently.

Remember efficiency and focus is the key here, not simply looking busy all the time. This brings us to our next point.

productivity tips be obidient to your task list

Be obedient to your task list

Use a tool such as Trello or Microsoft To Do, put down a daily list of tasks and focus on just those during work hours.

That is a surefire way of preventing you from dwindling away on unproductive, useless tasks.

If you’re not a fan of applications, use good old sticky notes- pen down your tasks and focus on them during the workday.

productivity tips be realistic and pace yourself

Be realistic and pace yourself

Getting excited about an idea, gathering co-founders, and setting up your company is the easy part.

The real demonstration of your grit and business acumen is seen in strenuous sales efforts, managing tough clients, how you handle sudden crises, your money management skills, etc.

Be realistic and thus prepared for initial rejections, difficult situations, mind numbing crossroads and more.

The more mentally prepared you are to deal with such hurdles, the more efficiently you shall be able to overcome them.

productivity tips focus on scalability

Focus on scalability

Ensure that your business processes are scalable- processes that can grow as your business grows.

Across all departments, use tools where necessary to automate processes and track results.

Without scalable processes and automations, growth becomes your enemy.

You will struggle to service clients, respond to inquiries, make timely updates to your products, etc. if you do not have scalable processes in place for such fundamental operations.

productivity tips focus on growth

Focus on growth

This is an area where I have consulted numerous clients, both from the startup space and otherwise.

And based on what I've observed, I cannot emphasize how prominent of a motivator growth is for startups and their founders.

This growth could be in the form of more customers acquired, more attention from the press and media, financial growth or another metric that symbolizes progress.

Make sure that your efforts of improving productivity are directed towards tasks that directly help you grow your business.

This growth and the resulting motivation will keep you diligent about work and give you the momentum you need to sustain your productive efforts.

Ensure that your outreach efforts- sales, marketing, advertising and the like- help contribute to this objective.

Feel free to get in touch with me for a more detailed conversation on how we can help you implement a growth focused outreach strategy for your business.

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