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Simple ways to acquire the right sponsors to your event

Finding the right event sponsor is no easy task. It takes a lot of legwork and smart research to find the right partner that fits your needs and align with your vision.

Just because a company is interested in your event, doesn’t mean their values and goals will match yours. It is very important to set the expectations straight from the beginning.

Here are 5 ways to find the right sponsors for your event:

#1 Prioritize your sponsor needs

The most common mistake most event organizer make is organizing an event and focusing all their energies on the attendee experience. Putting aside the sponsor satisfaction as secondary priority.

The key here is to prioritize your sponsor first because they will shape the event your moulding. Your partnership with them can open new doors to make your event more fruitful.

If your sponsors are happy, your attendees will most likely be happy.

If you pay close attention to your sponsor's needs, they will surely come knocking at your door every event you make.

Remember that your partnership doesn't end in organizing the event. You can also make significant collaboration with them in the future.

#2 Search and maximize

Find a list of sponsors in your area and search for the right category that matches your event objectives, industry or market.

Once you have the list of companies in your stack, make use of LinkedIn account to find the right person to inquire about or find the decision-maker directly and contact them.

Since most email addresses of GMs and MDs are confidential, try to reach out to their EAs. Build rapport and find ways to connect with them, as they are the easiest source that can bridge you all the way to the VP’s main line.

Under the “People Also Viewed” section of Linkedin, you will also find similar companies that can be your potential sponsor.

You can also search online for companies organizing the same event as yours and find sponsors who partnered with them. They will most likely be the same companies who would be interested to sponsor yours.

#3 Be clear with your vision

Articulate your intention to potential sponsors. Be clear about your vision, values and goals.

If they see that all these factors are aligned with theirs, there will be no need for you to go extra mile to find them. They will in fact, meet you half way.

In fact, if you put your pitch out there in the open through social media, word of mouth or simple networking, sponsors will most likely to be the one to reach out to you if you’re clear with what you want and what you have to offer.

#4 Enumerate the benefits

List down the benefits of sponsoring your event.

Having this list will make it easier for your potential sponsors to realize what they could be missing by not signing up with you.

a. Increase social media presence

Every company wants attention in social media platforms. Promoting their brand will expand their visibility in the market and this is something they don’t want to miss.

b. Generating leads

The most valuable aspect of event marketing is that they can easily generate leads without having to make so much effort. Show them some of your previous numbers if you have been doing this event for some time.

c. Demographic reach

This is also generating leads but narrowed down into a specific demographic that your potential sponsor might be having difficulty reaching out to. You can offer them an easy access to break in to the market they needed.

d. Business Engagement

The sponsors will also have an opportunity to meet other business owners who can they tie up with which can bring them more business opportunities

You can add more to the list depending on what event you are organizing and what industry you belong.

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