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The remarkable effect of VR and AR to attendee experience

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have magnificently changed the landscape of event marketing.

With its growing popularity, event profs have become more aggressive in showcasing their proficiency in incorporating these two elements in their events.

A new door to engage attendees has been opened and this has remarkably changed the attendee experience.

virtual reality and augmented reality in event marketing

Through VR and AR, our imagination has come to life. We can now be part of the virtual world and explore the dimensions of another realm. What could be more exciting that this?

Let’s first define the difference of VR and AR to get a better view of how these two are shaping the future of event marketing.

Virtual Reality is a simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment. It can be explored through a computer-integrated device such as a helmet or a pair of gloves.

Augmented Reality is on the other hand is the integration of the digital world to the user’s current environment. It uses the existing surroundings and overlays information on top of it.

How is VR and AR is remarkably affecting attendee experience? Here are 4 reasons why:

#1 Excitement

We all crave for something new and fresh. This is what VR and AR brings to events: a sense of thrill.

This element of surprise can bring you a downpour of attendees if you play your marketing campaigns well.

#2 Experience

Not only do VR and AR give a sense of thrill. It also allows attendees to have a hands-on experience on the product. This personal experience can bring your audience to great heights.

The unique experience will make your brand memorable.

#3 Communication

Attendees can now easily attend a conference with the keynote speaker on screen. They can interact with each other as if in real life.

Demonstrating products and services are also made easier and economical since this can be done virtually and repeatedly without having to travel to the venue to meet up.

#4 Entertainment

Virtual Reality and Augment Reality have been proven to work well when integrated in games.

It impressively increased the attendance rate and attendee engagement just by incorporating virtual games during events.

Check out these 3 biggest AR and VR conferences in 2018 and get inspired on how they integrated variety of stunning visual installations and other forms of VRs in their conferences.

1. F8 2018

2. Google I/O 2018

3. VRLA 2018

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