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4 unique approach in creating a compelling invitation email

Despite the remarkable attention that social media platforms are getting these days in terms of advertising, we still can’t ignore the power of email marketing.

It is still the most effective and reliable digital marketing channel used by most event-marketing professionals.

As part of marketing campaigns event planners usually send invites to potential customers or attendees to participate in their engagements whether in a form of purchase, subscription or sign up.

unique strategies to create compelling email marketing

Event invitation emails are simple and straightforward.

There are no notifications, connections, search buttons and other irrelevant elements that drive you away from the message and disrupt the urgency to respond.

All elements are integrated to communicate one single message and that is to drive action from readers.

Here are 4 unique approach in creating a compelling invitation email:

#1 Create Curiosity

Use captivating taglines that can spark your reader’s curiosity.

Provide a bit of information but leave out other details of the event to have them thinking.

Let them use their imagination. Draw them near to the CTA button with crumbs of amusing ideas for them to want more.

#2 Be Creative

Try to inject humor in your invitation or engage your readers with small activities. People pay more attention to new and extraordinary things. Do not bore them with long narratives that does not have any element of surprise or wonder. They will most likely leave your page.

#3 Be Bold

The use of video invitations are now rising simply because it is bold, direct and personal. It almost feels like you are being invited personally to an engagement.

You can revolutionize your invitation by getting a public figure or a well-known professional deliver the message across the email.

You can also do it yourself if you are confident enough to face the camera.

#4 Share your story

I still believe that despite our short attention span prompted by our digitalized lifestyle, we still crave for great stories.

When you send an invite to someone and let them know a brief history behind your event, chances are they would have a profound connection with you and will most likely want to be engaged.

The key here is to be a good storyteller.

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