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4 unique channels to market your product/ brand

Advertisements are noisy. Markets are saturated. Goods are commoditized.

How can your brand/ product stand out?

Let's boil down to the basics. What and how does a marketing channel work?

The what, how and why

A marketing channel refers to the internal resources and third parties necessary to market products to the target market. It is often known as a 'distribution channel'.

social media apps

A marketing channel is a useful tool for selling your product/ brand, thus making it crucial to create an effective and well-planned marketing strategy

The following is a list of 4 unique channels that your brand must consider implementing:

Social Commerce

A variant of eCommerce, social commerce the buying and selling of products through various online social media sites and channels.

The social network, plays the function of an online marketplace facilitating the listing, advertising and selling of products.

As the volume of products being listed online continue to grow exponentially, consumers are turning back to an ancient human trait to differentiate and chose between products- seeking recommendations.

Social networking sites are a hot-bed of social activity. What better place to get consumers to view, critique and recommend products...

Major social media sites like Facebook, Pinterst and Instagram, all have their own variations of product listing and tagging features that brands can make use of.

Out-of-home (OOH) event promotions

Networking events attract large, yet targeted crowds.

people at an event

Very few marketing channels allow you to target your audience this efficiently.

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Reverse channels: Resell at a profit

Most marketing channels have a constant, unidirectional flow: the product moves from the producer to the intermediary (if present) to the end-users.

Reverse marketing changes that.

Often used by resellers of rare and exclusive goods, reverse marketing takes the product in a reverse direction and may go from consumer to intermediary to the beneficiary.

Think of making money from the resale of a product or recycling.

Influencer marketing

While influencer marketing is the talk of the hour amongst most savvy marketers, it is not a golden goose egg. Owing to an increasing number of pretend influencers and poor quality endorsements, its efficiency has reduced drastically.

Nonetheless, when done right it is productive and cost effective.

Choosing the right influencers and making the right promises are key to makign your campaign across as an authentic promotion.

As more and more people lose faith in traditional advertisements, most of us esteem prominent personalities and internet influencers very highly.

Getting such individuals to promote your product to millions of their devout followers is influencer marketing summed up.

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