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20 Unique Virtual Event Ideas

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Uniqueness and entertainment value are quickly becoming new metrics to assess the performance of online events and organizers are being compelled to put together such experiences. Here 20 online event ideas with examples for you.

virtual online event ideas

If the words “online event” make you think of lengthy webinars or live streamed business conferences you are not alone. But with the recent rise in demand for online event this is a fast changing opinion.

Around the world, event professionals are getting creative in how they’re using livestreaming to not just broaden their reach, but also satiate the demand for better experiences. Thanks to inexpensive technology and tools, events of all sizes can reap the rewards of going online.

20 online virtual event ideas

Understand the value proposition of virtual events:

While virtual events may seem like they’d be less engaging, you’d be surprised at the value they can bring. It allows you to bring together a wider audience. Travel costs that could have prevented attendees from being able to attend a live event are no longer an issue.

Plus, virtual means less overhead costs — after all, you’re not budgeting for a venue, large events staff, and other in-person line items. So you get to drastically reduce your outgoings (not to mention, reduced carbon emissions and putting together more sustainable events), while spending more on curating the best virtual event possible.

Then there's the availability of data and analytics. It’s much easier to track who is watching what when everyone is tuning in online. Post event analysis becomes a breeze. All that attendee data is music to sponsors’ ears, which can make securing the best ones for your online event a whole lot easier. Here's a good resource on what you should offer to sponsors.

20 virtual event ideas

Creating value for online event attendees:

It’s all about using the format to give attendees what they want (an online yoga class, family music concert, or virtual training) and offering ways to connect via chat features.

Take your experience with live events and channelize it towards putting together a good virtual event. Start by looking at what attendees want and reverse engineer that to curate the content of your event.

When in doubt, you can always enlist our expertise. Consult us on increasing attendance and improving the engagement of your online event.

Virtual Event Ideas:

To help you get inspired, here 20 online event ideas with examples for you.

  1. Conduct a workshop or masterclass on a topic of your expertise. Teach other how to market their businesses digitally in such times, for example.

  2. Interview a public figure, celebrity or influencer in your industry. Give others an opportunity to learn from the best.

  3. Show people your hobbies. Teach others how to play the guitar or prepare a cupcake at home.

  4. Host a series of courses on a specific skill or hobby. Teach people step by step how to maser the piano or body-weight exercises.

  5. Run a question and answer session about your business.

  6. Do you have a large social media following? Try an AMA (ask me anything) session with them.

  7. Demo your brand new product or service. Incentivize people to attend with early bird discounts for the product or service.

  8. Run an awareness webinar prompting attendees to donate to your cause.

  9. Organize an online networking session or meetup for local startups and small businesses.

  10. Organize an online cultural celebration.

  11. Welcome new recruits at your company with a virtual welcome day. We have some great ideas for this. Get in touch with us.

  12. Conduct an anonymous Q&A session. Collect anonymous questions via AskFM and answer them live.

  13. Do an opinion or reaction type live session on a current news topic.

  14. Implement online ice breaker games for your event to get your audience to loosen up and be comfortable interacting before a long online event or meeting.

  15. Are you a fitness instructor or trainer? Conduct an online session on how people can keep active at home.

  16. Do you have a local band? Conduct an online concert via Youtube or Facebook livestream.

  17. Make your online business conference more accessible with LinkedIn Online Events.

  18. Are you somewhat of an expert on online events (like us *wink*)? Conduct an online workshop on tips for improving engagement for online events.

  19. Start your own live podcast or interview series. There is no time better than now to do so.

  20. Find other ways to capitalize on the recent increase in online audiences. If events are not your thing, turn towards articles, ebooks, and more to start building your online audience. They are an equally effective means to an end.

20 online event ideas

A few examples of what virtual events look like in action:

  • HR Virtual Summit: The world’s largest virtual HR conference attracts over 30,000 attendees ever year. All sessions are virtual, including keynotes and breakouts. Chat features support audience participation and attendees are rewarded with industry professional credits for free.

  • Coursera: While not an annual event, Coursera has mastered the free and online course niche, offering content to help people build their skills. Check their website out to get inspired on how to run engaging classes for people tuning in from all over the world.

  • Astrolabs Events: A regular organizer of local events for startups, Astrolabs has made a very significant shift towards webinars and online events in recent times, a spectacular example of moving with the times.

  • The Global Boardroom by Financial Times: A new live-streamed three-day event gathering the most influential voices from policy, business, tech and finance to offer a comprehensive picture of the global response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Contact Strideplus for more ideas on conducting your online events.

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