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Weekly Business Growth Reading List (July 6, 2020):

Welcome to our first edition of the Weekly Business Growth Reading List.

This Is a resource published every Monday aimed at sharing articles, videos, news and updates in the world of business growth.

Various different aspects of business growth such as marketing, advertising, product development, design, HR, legal, and finance shall be explored as key tools to grow businesses. Latest trends and best practices in these areas shall be addressed via the chosen resources for each week.

The focus for this week shall be on digital aspects pertaining to business growth.

Here are our top picks for this week:

(1) A Road to Recovery: A Look at the Digital Future of Small Businesses:

By Konstantin Prodanovic from Hootsuite

The recent quarantines as a preventive measure against COVID 19 have made it very evident that businesses have to meet their customers where they are.

With more people working remotely and quarantined at home than ever before, the media of choice for users to interact in is fast becoming those in the digital arena- instant messaging, social media, ecommerce, and the like.

Digitization isn’t a choice for most businesses anymore. It is a necessity. The real challenge is doing it right.

The quarantines have proven that consumer facing businesses that do not have the bandwidth to service clients in a digital environment will be left behind in times of uncertainty where quick, cheap, and automated services are a necessity.

2. How to Use Google Images to Drive E-commerce Sales Before Your Competitors Catch On:

By Neil Patel from neilpatel.com

Since Google’s Feb 2018 update of maintaining the “visit” button on Google images whilst removing the “view image” button, the number of eCommerce shoppers browsing products via Google Images has increased significantly.

Key categories include creative and décor items that carry visual appeal. Google images provides shoppers a seamless way to compare products from multiple websites and stores.

If you are in the ecommerce space and sell products with a high amount of visual appeal optimizing your images for image search is all important.

From image SEO to collecting user generated images, Neil addresses several key areas to keep in mind in his article.

3. 5 Simple and Effective Ways to Increase YouTube Engagement:

By Tony Tran from Hootsuite

YouTube content collectively receives something to the tune of 150,000 views every second. Nearly 8 hours of content is uploaded every second on YouTube.

It is a massive goldmine of opportunity in terms of building an audience for your business quickly and cost effectively.

If you aren’t interested in building your own organic audience, alternatives such as influencer marketing and hiring brand ambassadors with a good YouTube audience are other potential options. Regardless of what your approach is, believe me, you must be on there.

Many other social media channels have risen to and lost prominence over the years, but YouTube has stood the test of time and maintained its ground as the most prominent video sharing platform for years now.

Tony covers some brilliant points in his article on measuring, building and increasing engagement on YouTube for your business or personal brand.

Shaumik Saha's business growth tips for this week

Some musings from our Director, Shaumik Saha, this week:

I hope you found this week's resources and tips useful and look forward to sharing more great content, the following week.

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