Stride Plus Speakers Bureau

Bridging the gap between talent and opportunity

Every other speakers bureau compiles and sells databases. At Stride Plus, our value adds are seemingly endless. Literally.

Work with us once and you'll never have to switch agencies again. At every step we ensure that both, the speakers and the event organizers are mutually benefited. Here's how it is working with us:

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A free consulting session

Choosing  a speaker can be hard. Our offering starts with a free consulting session where we take into consideration our clients' requirements, budget and preferences; and leverage our expertise to consult them regarding the type of profiles they should be considering for their event.

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Screening the right talent

Random matches don't work, and we know that. Keeping in mind client requirements, we screen our list of speakers and present the client with ones that we think are best suited to their requirements. It doesn't just end here.

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Introductory Meetings

Regardless of what the task at hand is, it always helps for all parties involved to have a fair understanding of each other. We set up introductory meetings with speakers that our client is interested in, to do just that.

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Sign off

After the client has made a choice, we sign the deal off at a price that is fair to the organizers and appropriately compensates the speaker. We're transparent; our margins don't exceed 20%.*

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Multiple Locations

Although we primarily specialize in sourcing speakers to opportunities within Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we also cater to requirements in other parts of the MENA, EMEA, and Central Asia.

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